Each soul must do homage to God for the gift it has received.

Let us Pray
Prayer is the song of the homeland which begins with the first refrains we stammer on earth.

Small album~
Grant, O my God, that my prayer, like a sweet melody,
rises to you, so that it draws on all whom I love a merciful glance. 
Mme. Bouasse Lebel

At the court of Jesus, the celebrations of the heart 
take place in meditation and contemplation. 
Bouasse Lebel

Nest of the Dove
I will retire into solitude and there I will listen to what the Lord tells me.
Bouasse Lebel 3036
Prayer is the elevation of the soul to Heaven.
Lift up your soul to God, and you will find rest.  
Protect me, O my God, for in you I take refuge. 
I say to you: you are my Master, you alone are my good.
 Psalm 15 ~ Psalm 16:1-2 NAS
In the soul in a state of grace it is always springtime. Cure d'Ars

When you participate in the Heavenly Banquet,
Implore for me of the Divine Bridegroom.
Let us offer to God flowers, incense and prayers.
Peace, Joy, Holiness, Happiness,
I ask of God for you.
handpainted with mother of pearl
Nest of the Turtledove
Image of the Heart of Jesus,
spouse and faithful friend of our souls.
There in recollection and solitude in the Heart of Jesus
I lose myself.
hand painted

The Prayer of Quiet
The soul alone with God
My Divine Master, whether it be that I run
or that I stop myself, I'm all yours, and you are all to me. O Divine Heart of Jesus,
your memory is my delight, I hunger, I thirst for your love.
Pannier, Pl. 115
There, recollected and alone, 
in the Heart of Jesus I lose myself.

To detach myself from creatures
to look for God,
I rest in God himself...
This is the whole interior life.
Leaving everything,
I found Everything!
Letaille, Paris
Through you, O Mary, I offer to God my heart and my thoughts.
Bouasse Lebel
To be remembered in your prayers would give me happiness.
Morning and evening prayer
dispose our heart to the action
of Grace.